Add OCR to your application in less than a day.

It’s fast, free to try, and delivers results you need.

Now that’s what we call progress.


OmniPage® Cloud Service (OCS) is the fast, easy and hassle-free way to add Nuance’s industry-leading scanning and OCR capabilities to virtually any application that connects to the Internet. OCS includes a small set of APIs that let your application plug into Cloud-based capabilities for accurately converting paper, PDF files and mobile camera images into editable documents. With OCS, you don’t have to worry about software updates, platform limitations or scalability concerns; any device that scans documents or captures images or any server or Cloud service that stores images or PDF files can take advantage of OCS via the Internet. Your customers just connect, capture and convert for added application value!

OCR on-demand     OCR on-demand

Keep your applications small and never worry about updates so you can concentrate on your business and let us worry about OCR. Established as the core technology behind all Nuance imaging products, OmniPage quality and accuracy is now available to almost any application that you can dream up.

What you get     What you get

Documentation, code samples and access to the most amazing OCR engine in the Cloud.

What you don’t     What you don’t get

No obligation to buy, no headaches, no worries, and no fat applications limited to a few platforms.


Why use?     Why use the OmniPage Cloud Service?

You’re responsible for making your application a success. You need an edge. Well we’ve got something for you. OmniPage technology is used by commercial vendors who are serious about high OCR accuracy in their applications. The OmniPage Cloud Service offers a modest set of APIs so your application can plug right in and get that same awesome technology and quality without breaking a sweat. Extraordinary text and PDF output from mobile camera images are just keystrokes away so you can quickly create competitive high-value products. And that’s how a good idea becomes great beyond recognition.


Conquer     Conquer every mobile platform (and much more)

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry or any other platform that might come along is capable of OCR - now. Our powerful OCR engines don’t live on the phone or tablet so you aren’t limited by system requirements or the processing power of the device. It doesn’t stop at mobile devices either. Any device that captures images or scans and any server or cloud service that stores images or PDF files can take advantage of the OmniPage Cloud Service through an internet connection. Capture, connect and convert. It’s that versatile.


Power     Power without limits

Nuance has partnered with Microsoft to offer the highest scalability and security you will find in a hosted platform. Don’t waste time thinking about building out a datacenter or maintaining systems. With Microsoft Azure we can offer data centers in North America, Europe and Asia in an instant. We can scale to millions of transactions per minute so you’ll never be slowed down. It’s that powerful.


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